June 12, 2014

Support System

Our place is quiet. Our daughter is sleeping soundly in her bed with visions of summer vacation dancing in her head most likely. A fan is whirling behind me, creating a nice soft breeze against the back of my neck and my newly dyed hair. My husband is on his way home from a friend's place. I'm sitting here thinking about life.

You never realize the support system you have until you are feeling down and someone takes a moment to acknowledge your struggles and offer caring, thoughtful words to help ease your mind. It make not even be someone you have known that long or seen that much but still, they took time to respond, to let you know you were not alone.

I do my best to stay in contact with people, but I'm not perfect. I only hope I have offered encouraging words at the right time for others as well. We have to remember; we are not alone. Others have had our struggles too. Others have been there, done that and most likely ruined a T-shirt over it.

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