June 04, 2015

Quarter Anyone?

    I went to the library a couple days ago and there were books for sale. As I was looking through them, a young man approached the table of books as well. He was in his late teens or early twenties and spotted an adult dinosaur book with a cool, shiny graphic cover.He asked me how much the books were and I told him a quarter a piece. I saw him reach into his pockets and then said, "I don't even have a quarter on me." He seemed sad. I then said, "I have a quarter for you." I reached into the change part of my wallet and gave him a shiny quarter. He was speechless...over a quarter.

    He said, " I don't even know you."  I replied , "I love to read and it's only a quarter, just pass it on when you can." He thanked me again and went to pay for the book. Afterwards, he kept looking back at me, shaking his head in disbelief at my act of generosity it seemed. Sometimes we think to help someone it has to be a big act when smaller ones add up just as well.

    Share your small good deed stories below!

Have a great day everyone!