April 25, 2015

A Simple Carnation...

I am not a woman who needs/wants a dozen roses.
I am not a woman who wants expensive gifts.
A simple carnation will do...

I have met someone and we have been hanging out the past couple weeks. Recently, he got me a single carnation. Although most women love roses, my favorite flower is a carnation. I find as much beauty and caring gesture in receiving a single one as I would had I received a dozen.

Moving on from my marriage ending is still a work in progress and yes, there was "guilt" in seeing someone else but then I remembered--he has been putting himself out there too. I will not let guilt keep me from enjoying moments like someone holding my hand. 

What is your favorite flower? Are you dealing with guilt associated with the end of a relationship, if so, how are you handling it? 

1 comment:

  1. I am so happy for you, and in my opinion you my friend have nothing to be guilty of. Enjoy your friend and embrace life and gestures, gifts and friendship as it comes your way, there are no promises of tomorrow so enjoy the times now.