April 05, 2015

Easter Dinner?

First Easter since my husband and I separated. I woke up feeling sorta down but once my daughter came into my room to see what the Easter Bunny left I cheered up. She decided she wanted her basket in my room to see if the he would scare me in the night. Kids! Luckily he didn't.

We decided on kebabs and cheeseburgers as our Easter meal. I know, I know crazy right? So, we headed to the store where her dad works to pick up some ingredients and along to let her see her father for a few minutes before he had to clock in. She loves him so much and I never want that to change.

Then, home to make some kebabs. Like our choices? Pretzel sticks were the skewers for us. Simple and fun.

One she did was a strawberry and pepperoni combo. Above she is showing it off and a "Sweetos" chip. (Made by the company that does cheetos.)

She then decided to make a special one for her and myself.

A Sweetos and pepperoni on a pretzel stick.
Surprisingly, it wasn't bad.

Later, simple cheeseburgers. It may have just been her and I but it was a cute, sweet Easter. (Yes, we were invited to have dinner with friends but decided to have it just us.)

Have a Happy Easter!

What was on your plate?

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