August 16, 2015


Recently, my friend Sam shared a post on his Facebook that he said I could share here. I would love to hear what you think of what he shared.

"It's not women who need men, but rather, men who need women. A good man should treat his woman like no other could replace her, as this is a high honor in thanks to all that she does for you. 

They guide you with their intuition, nurture you through your failings and ensure you can move forward afterwards. They're light within a darkness that you try to cut through in recklessness.

If you've a woman in your life, or even a significant other who rescues you from the abyss that you nearly sacrifice yourself too, always put them before yourself.
Make them the most important thing in your life.

For without the lady, the lord would not be. She made him in her image, and granted life to a partner that'd stand by her throughout eternity.

So men, love her as if she's irreplaceable. And always remember - she chose you to call hers, not the other way around." ~~ Samuel LeBlanc

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