December 23, 2015

Mom's Doctor

Last night I hurt myself by almost tripping over a long, broken plastic stick in my house that came back and whipped in the back of my calf. Not fun of course! When I woke up it was sore and slightly raised like a welt, though hard to see in the picture below.

Later in the day I asked my daughter Alexis to put some band-aids on it so it wouldn't get irritated by anything. She happily placed a band-aid on and ..... patted it in place... a little too hard. I asked her to be careful, that it was still sore. She said "Okay". Then did another and another, making sure all the "bad spots" were covered and patted down each... a little too hard. Kids! She enjoyed being "Mom's Doctor" for the few minutes it took and at least she didn't slap me.

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