February 24, 2016

What Defines Cheating?

I have been thinking about this for awhile, "What defines cheating in a relationship?" Is it the sexual contact with another human being other than your significant other? Or is it broader than that? Cheating, to me, can be more than the act of sex. I feel when you start to give others the attention your significant other desires and needs, you are cheating. Emotionally cheating. That can hurt a relationship.

When you look outside the bond you are suppose to have with the one you love, it can cause problems. Yes, we all need friends to talk to and bond with but how far is too far? When you would rather spend more time with friends than your significant other you are cheating them, and yourself, out of time to grow together, time to bond together, and time to reconnect to each other. So then the question becomes, how do you balance your friends and relationships in order not to "cheat"?

Is it just being selfish? Controlling? Should friends come first if they would there first?

What are your thoughts? Have you been cheated on either physically or emotionally?

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