April 04, 2016

What The Heck?!

It was April Fools Day. I awoke to start my day and get my daughter up and ready for school. I always turn down the heat while we are sleeping since we both love to be covered under blankets. Every morning I am up first and if it feels cool I turn up the heat a little before I wake her up. So, I did.

I did not hear the furnace kick on in the basement which was strange since I knew I had fuel. I decided around 7am to go down to the basement and check out why. This is what I was greeted with:

What the heck?!!! My basement flooded! I immediately went into panic mode, upset and crying. I called my landlord and they quickly looked into getting the water out. There was at least two feet of water. I was in disbelief. (The sub-pump had stopped working and had to be fixed.)

What an April Fools Day for me!

Update: Water gone, cleaning up is starting this week.

So.....how was your April Fools Day? Share below!

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