May 07, 2016

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day.....

To the single moms who are doing their best with or without the father's help,
To the foster moms who opened their heart and their home,
To the stepmoms who are raising his children as her own,
To the working moms who wonder each day if they are spending enough time with their children,
To the stay-at-home moms whose role in the family may go unnoticed,
To all the mothers I may have forgotten to mention, I wish you a Happy Mother's Day!

My daughter picked out a two pictures for me to hang on my wall.

She decided to give me my gift early the other day. Now I just have to hang them. She knows I like birds and I was quite impressed with the other one as well. Here is a close up in case you can't read all of it above. 

She also made a card but is saving that for tomorrow. Kids!

**UPDATE** My card.
The Front (A wolf and a "lovebug":

It says "Hope you enjoy something sweet when you open it" Below was a folded piece of paper I had to open.

Once opened "I love u".

It made me smile so much and of course I gave her a big hug. 

Have a great day!

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