September 21, 2016

You "Desurve" This...

Last night I heard my daughter upstairs in her room and went to check only to be told I couldn't come in. There was a grin on her face and happiness behind her eyes as she confessed to working on my birthday gift for today.

This morning I woke her up for school and went downstairs. Shortly after, she came down the stairs, smile on her face and said "Happy Birthday". Then she handed me a envelope she made.

I sat down in my chair and looked it over. I was nervous about "you need it more than me" on it. I could already tell what it would be.

Inside of the card it read: 

Hey Mom, its ur b-day so u should see "you desurve this" right? well that contains somthing specail! so when ur done with this, open "you desurve this" pocket. XOXO 

I opened the "pocket" and she had given me change from her piggy bank. 

I smiled and thanked her. I was proud of her, at nine, for thinking of others and giving up some of her coins for me to have on my birthday. Of course, the coins found their way back into her piggy bank. I may "deserve" them but she earned them, spelling mistakes and all. I love her so much. 

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