February 11, 2017

For Single Parents On Valentine's Day and Beyond

My Valentine this year is the most important person in  my life: my daughter.  I often tell her I love more than anything because she is the only one to be the nearest to my heart, to hear its beat, which makes our bond even more special.

She will be turning ten in April and I know my time with my child is precious given how, in a "blink of an eye", she will be an adult. Of course, as with other parents, she will always be my child but the ability for me to fix her problems with a simple hug are slowing drifting away.

This will mark the third Valentine's Day since her father and I separated. I am finally coming to terms with certain aspects of our life now. As a single parent, you want to do more, to make up for what the other parent isn't doing in your eyes.

Stop that.