March 11, 2017

5 Ways To Get Ready For Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning is right around the corner! Yikes! I am doing my best to be more prepared this time. I don't think I have ever really "spring cleaned" as most define it. Sure, I can sort through items and purge when needed, along with general housekeeping, but to be focused on making certain my place is completely done, well that's another story.

In the past, I never felt inspired to do a full on "spring cleaning". Honestly, I wasn't the best normal housekeeper anyway. Before my daughter and I moved last summer we lived in a small trailer. Very small trailer. At one point we were a family of three living there before my husband and I separated. Looking back, I don't know how the three of us made it work there for as long as we did. (On a side note, I do contribute where we lived to one of the reasons our marriage ended but I'll save that for another post.) I would try my best but it still didn't look like I had cleaned much and, within a couple days, it would be back to a mess.

Then, the "big" move came last summer like I said. I was determined to do better here than I had there. It worked for a little while. Now as spring is approaching I am certain I will finally get into a rhythm that works for my daughter and I. So, what am I doing to get ready for spring cleaning?

Step One: Check My Cleaning Supplies.
It's important to make sure I'm not low on anything I may need to fully clean. I have began adding needed items to my grocery list and even items I want specifically for spring cleaning, like donation boxes/bags and "Magic Eraser" type products.

Step Two: Donation And Keep Boxes
I have to make sure to have donation, keep and toss boxes on hand as I go through rooms but especially our bedrooms. It is time to have my daughter go through her toys. I will allow her to keep some items to store in a separate part of our home. We now have a small storage room off of my bedroom which I use for Christmas decorations and to store my yarn totes. However, I know I can utilize that room better.

Step Three: Lists Will Be My Friend
In the next couple days I will be going through each room and making a list of what needs to be rearranged, replaced, removed and cleaned. This will help me focus more by having a typed up checklist ready by April. I will then turn this spring cleaning list into a more manageable weekly cleaning list I can check off.

Step Four: Music Is A Must
How many of you clean better with music playing in the background? I know I do! Therefore, I am going to make a fast, upbeat music playlist on Youtube, or my MP3 player, to keep me moving as I work. Songs suggestions are appreciated!

Step Five: Get My Daughter On Board
Unlike in the past when I didn't make her a huge part of the cleaning processes around here, I know this time around will be different. She will be ten next month and is plenty old enough to help with chores on a more regular basis. I am thinking of some sort of reward system for her but unsure of exactly what her rewards should be. Any ideas on how you get your children involved in a fun way please let me know.

These are the five ways I'm getting ready to get my butt into spring cleaning. In what ways do you get ready? Share below!

A bonus way I'm getting ready is by turning to Youtube and Pinterest for inspiration! On Youtube especially, I like watching the channel DoItOnADime because she has simple and inexpensive ways to organize as she utilizes items from dollar stores. Do you have any channels like that you follow? 

Happy Cleaning everyone!

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