March 03, 2017

Let's "Tide" You Over

Couponing has become a way of life to me, more so in the past few years. Paying "full price" is like saying the dreaded "F" word in my home and getting in trouble for it. Sometimes paying full price is my only option but there has been plenty of times couponing has allowed me to save in one area of my budget so that I can have more for another area.

Also, there's always a great feeling when you get a deal on a product you or someone else uses.  This Monday, during my shopping trip, I was able to score a deal on laundry detergent as a gift to my aunt. This deal required the use of coupons and the Walmart Savings Catcher program.

Tide Pods retail at my local Walmart for $4.47 for a 16 count, the same for Gain Flings.

A little over a week ago I was able to print out one coupon for Tide and one for Gain products which would allow me to save $2.00 off one 12 count or larger package.

This brought the price down to $2.47 a piece which was a great deal! However, I had $3.87 in "Walmart Bucks" available. These "bucks" came from doing the Walmart Savings Catcher program over the last few weeks.

With Walmart Savings Catcher program you earn "bucks" if the item you bought was advertised cheaper somewhere else during that sales week in your area. The down size, you can only use them back at Walmart. You may not always earn "bucks" back but it's a decent program. It's a way to save money in my eyes on future purchases I may do at Walmart.

Therefore, with the coupons and the "bucks", my out of pocket cost for the two packages together before taxes was only $1.07! Score!! This will help her have a mini stockpile and not have to purchase at retail cost for a little bit.

Couponing does not have to be "extreme", just manageable for you. Share your couponing stories below.

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