July 26, 2017

Christmas In July Thrifty Find

At the library today and the local Salvation Army my daughter and I came across a few thrifty finds. Our first stop was the library. The first find is a Beauty and the Beast Original Broadway Cast Recording CD for $0.50! My daughter loves it!

I found a Martina McBride CD for myself as well for $0.50 which has one of my favorite songs, "In My Daughter's Eyes".

From the library we decided to head over to our local Salvation Army and see what we could find there. We only found a couple deals we wanted though they did have other great items. One is a book which seemed interesting, Think Like An Artist by Will Gompertz. The retail on the cover was $19.95 but it was $1.99. However, they have sales each week where certain color tags are either 50% or 25% off and this book ended up being 25%ff, so a hardcover book for less than two bucks!
It was in really good shape which was great. I haven't had a chance to start it yet but the reviews on Amazon are a little mixed. This is why I like searching out books for cheap. Then I'm not out as much if I don't like it. 

The last was a "Christmas In July" item. A sticker price of $3.99 but it was 50% off so score!
It stands about 10.5 inches tall from base to the top of the hat and around 9 inches long. The width is 5 inches. I thought it would make a nice mini candy cane dish for when guests are over. 

What deals have you gotten lately? Share below!

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