February 20, 2018

Top 5 Youtubers I Follow

If you're like me you watch a lot of Youtube videos and definitely have your "go to" for channels. Here are my top five channels I watch almost on a daily basis--if they have a new video up.

I typically watch YouTube videos before bed as a way to unwind unless it's a cleaning related channel. Those I watch after my daughter goes to bed so I can use them for motivation to get my place in order before I go to bed. Most of the time it works but not all the time. (If you click on the channel name it will take you to their channel.)

1. Ellie And Jared
This is a family that vlogs about their life on a daily basis. They have two cute little boys that are fun to see grow up. They are also expecting their third son later this year. It's fun, sometimes, to get a glimpse into someone else's life.

2. Clutterbug
Cassandra Aarssen share ways to declutter your home and she has been very crucial in my latest crusade against clutter in my home. Her personality is so fun and if you watch until the end of a video she usually shares a funny story.

3. Doitonadime
 I love her simple craft projects and her organizational tips! I really like when she films her shopping at Dollar Tree stores.

4. Kristina Kuzmic
Most of her videos about being a parent are so funny and, maybe, spot on!

5. Clean My Space
When I need movitation to clean, I usually watch Melissa from Clean My Space. I like that her videos are informative and not too long to watch either. So you can watch a couple then tackle an area in your house.


 6. Love Meg 
She is a sweet woman who shares cleaning videos and family videos. She does videos where all she does is clean and it's, again, a channel to watch when you need motivation to clean your home.

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