June 08, 2016

What Would You Do If...

    While watching The Magic Of Belle Isle  a scene stood out. One of the main characters, who was a young girl, was in a used bookstore where she came across a book written by her new neighbor, an author of western novels, played by Morgan Freeman. When she went to pay the store clerk informed her it was on sale because the last page was gone, someone had ripped it out. This had me pondering:

Would I buy a book with the last page gone?

    I grew up going to the library and hunting for books at garage sales. Books were a huge part of my childhood. By adulthood, I started to read less and less but have begun again. There is magic in reading, following the story's journey. But, if I knew the last page was gone, would I hate not having closure to the story or would there be excitement in the challenge of creating my own ending, in that moment, until I could find another copy?

    Assuming it is an older book where additional copies are not so readily available, would you buy a book knowing the last page was missing? Also you are not allowed to find it as an ebook, you must go "old school".

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