May 26, 2019

Book Review: Such A Pretty Girl By Laura Wiess

    The main character Meredith was abused by her father and he was sent to prison. Originally he was to be in prison until Meredith was an adult, however he gets released early while Meredith is fifteen years old, a mere three years after abusing her. The book takes place over a relatively short period of time after her father's release. His release causes Meredith great stress about what could happen once he is home. He is not able to live with her mother and her, instead he lives close by--within walking distance in the same complex as them.

    The relationship between Meredith and her mother will mostly likely make you angry as you witness what relationship the mother values most. The portrayal of the mother, and the knowledge of when she began a relationship with Meredith's father, I felt offered insight into his past.
    The supporting characters are believable yet you will find yourself questioning the intimacy of the relationship she has with one of them due to a couple important factors. The complexity of the situation is shared by more than one characters which leaves you almost wanting another book that shares the supporting characters' story.
    In the end, this is a read that will leave an impression on you. It was geared towards being a "teen and young adult" type book on Amazon however don't let that keep you from reading this as an older adult. It will still have an impact.

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